What men get wrong about sexual assault, as told by a man who has been sexually assaulted.

Illustration by Jing Wei.

Before I share these stories, you should know that sexual assault might not be what you think it is. I write this piece as someone whose perspective on sexual assault and rape has changed drastically. It has changed mostly because of the brave words by many women speaking up about it but also recognising and reflecting on my experiences. I write this piece to someone who might be a younger version of myself, who cannot recognise what sexual assault looks like. Something I…

My home, Melbourne, emerged from a 120 day hibernation unlike anything experienced by anyone before. How did we make it?

Photo Credit: Jason South

For 16 weeks in 2020, the State Government of Victoria enforced ‘strict’ lockdown provisions to stave off rising COVID-19 infections. I emphasis strict but it’s not like we had our doors welded shut. Fines were the only means of enforcement and by-in large citizens were trusted to do the right thing within instructed rules. But, it became known as a lockdown.

All non-essential activities were banned. You were not allowed to travel more than 5 kilometers from your home. One…

Terrace House has reminded me of how to interact with people.

From left: Kaori, Haruka, Risako, Shohei, Kenny & Ruka

— Update 07/06/2020 —

It has been revealed that a member of Terrace House has committed suicide. Hana Kimura, who entered the house in the current season took her life after suffering abuse online. Shortly after I published this story I lost time to watch the show any further. After Kenny and Risako left I moved on to other shows I’d been meaning to watch. Hana’s death left a bitter taste in my mouth considering how amazing I thought the show was and all its characters were. Their personalities are all admirable. They should all be proud of who they…

Pretending to be learned

I’m 34. And if you’re 34 it means that it’s been about 4 years since you turned 30, and if you’ve turned 30, that means you’ve got no chance of making new friends. If you haven’t got good friends by 30 no one would blame you if you just gave up. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got better odds than winning the lottery, but Gosh it’s hard. It’s very very hard.

You can imagine as someone in their 30s travelling alone can be a pretty lonely time. Especially if you can collapse into a nervous wreck like I do at…

Carey Ciuro

Carey is an Australian Photographer and hobbyist writer. He enjoys finding solitude and peaceful moments in a loud world. www.careyciuro.com.au

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